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The Leaf Store - based on Ormond Road in Elwood

This is my local fruit and veg grocery in Elwood. Fantastic store stocking the best produce of both organic and non-organic produce. They have everything have everything from fruit n veg to speciality cheese, dips, deli meats, pate, tahinis, tofu, tempeh, lactose free alternatives, to quinoa, every type of rice and pasta you can think of, homemade meals and pasta sauces, fresh and dried herbs, supplements, bone broth and so much more. I can literally do 90% of my grocery shopping from here on a weekly basis.













Candy from a Stranger - Melbourne and online based company

Jamie of Candy from a Stranger hand makes these incredible daily body washes made from all natural ingredients. Shower gel and moisturiser in one with the added almond and coconut oils for moisturising qualities. This comes in two flavours - Candyfresh(grapefruit and green tea) or Candycoco(cacao). Available online and direct:






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